Pascal Mashaalani refuses to leave Lebanon

Published September 20th, 2006 - 01:24 GMT

Lebanese singer Pascal Mashaalani has refused to leave Lebanon and desert her country, despite the ongoing Israeli strikes targeting her neighborhood, although friends and family outside of Lebanon are encouraging her to leave.

The singer said that she is loyal to Lebanon, even though she holds a Canadian passport and is able to escape.

According to the London based Elaph, Pascal cancelled a number of festivals and concerts around the world, refusing to sing while her country is suffering. The singer has visited a number of refugee shelters and assisted a number of people in need.

Before the war broke out, Pascal announced that she has been involved in a secret love affair for the past three years, and has now decided to make her relationship public since the couple is looking toward marriage. The singer said she believes love needs to grow away from the spotlights and the media, and away from disparaging rumors. She had to keep the matter a complete secret, in order to have a real relationship, asserted Pascal.

Pascal’s latest clip for the song "Arabni Minak" (Let Me Get Close to You) under the direction of Waleed Nasef from Lebanon is being aired on the music channel ‘Rotana,’ around the Arab world.

The new clip was shot on location in Lebanon for three days, and marks their first cooperation. Pascal appears in the romantic clip with a new look and a new style, and Mr. Egypt 2006 appears alongside her.

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