Pound-Wise, Henaidi Weighs in as Egyptian Comedy Champ

Published June 10th, 2001 - 02:00 GMT

Egyptian comedy star Mohammed Henaidi has topped the earnings list for the new cinema season, which will begin in three weeks.  

The renowned actor has signed a contract for his new film Jaana Al Bayan Attali (We Have Received the Following Communiqué) in exchange for five million pounds, out of which he has actually received three million pounds in two installments. The contract states that the Henaidi should receive 750,000 pounds in the third week of the film screening and the rest of the money in two installments. 

Therefore, Henaidi will be receiving his full pay before the last week of screening the film commercially, without any link to the film’s revenues. The actor will not receive part of the income, as he did with his last film, Alwad Baliyyah Wa Dimaghuh Al Alyah. 

In fact, Henaidi took a big hit last year when the latter film’s revenues were 40 percent less than those of his smash hit Saidi Fi Al Jama’ah Al Amerikiyyah (Saidi at the American University). Henaidi nevertheless surpassed his rival Alaa Waley Eddin in terms of revenues last year. 

Waley Eddin came second on the list, signing a contract for his new film Iben Ezz (Son of Glory) in exchange for three million pounds, a two and a half million increase over what he obtained from his previous film, Annazer (Headmaster). Waley Eddin will receive his rights in full in three installments: the first one million will be paid before shooting the film, the second installment will be paid in the third week of shooting, and the third before shooting the last scenes of the film. 

Three new Egyptian stars have been added to the list of the one million pound-earners, including Ahmed Al Saqa for his film Africano, for which he has so far received 450,000 pounds. Saqa has managed to add a favorable clause to the contract stating that he is entitled to 10 percent of the film’s revenues when these exceed the three million pound mark. 

The second star is Ahmed Adam, for his film Al Rajul Al Abyadh Al Mutawasset. He has received 250,000 pounds so far. 

The third is Hani Ramzi, who has signed a monopoly contract with film distributor Mohammed Hasan Ramzi for four years, in exchange for four million pounds, to star in four films. 

Singer Mustafa Amar comes at the bottom of the list with 400,000 pounds for his film Al Hubb Wal Business (Love and Business) despite the fact that his last film, Al Hubb Al Awwal (First Love), has raked in four million pounds. 

Commenting on the list, one prominent film distributor told the London-based Al Sharq Al Awsat newspaper that the wages were sky-high, exceeding the wages of big stars like Mahnoud Abdel Aziz, Ahmed Zaki and Noor Al Sharif. Even the smallest wages, those of Mustafa Amar, exceeded the highest earnings of these artists. 

Comedy star Adel Imam did not reveal his earnings for the new film Ameer Al Zalam (Prince of Darkness), but according to rumors, it was less than one million pounds - Albawaba.com 

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