Ramez Galal's Ramadan prank show faces cancellation by Egypt's Prosecutor General

Published May 27th, 2015 - 08:33 GMT
Ramez Galal in a promotional still from last year's prank show "Ramez, The Sea Shark." (Cairodar.com)
Ramez Galal in a promotional still from last year's prank show "Ramez, The Sea Shark." (Cairodar.com)

What's Ramadan TV without Ramez Galal's famous celebrity prank show? Exactly, it just wouldn't feel right.

But if the Egyptian General Prosecution has anything to do it, the Egyptian prankster's hilarious show may be coming off the air before it's even been released!

The Prosecution gave Galal a formal warning against broadcasting his upcoming "Ramez Wakel Elgaw" (Ramez in Control) this June, for reportedly "stealing the show's idea from Prosecutor General Ashraf Atef."

In fact, it was Atef himself who filed a lawsuit against Galal, accusing him of intellectual theft, in addition to issuing a decision to ban the show from seeing the light.

Ramez has already finished filming the entire series, and if it were to be cancelled, he would be facing major financial losses.

According to Alyoum 7, the prank this year goes as follows: A celebrity is invited to open one of the big hotel chains in Dubai; on their way to the event they happen to sit next to an old woman with long grey hair (played by Galal himself, of course). That's when the pilot announces that the small plane's engines have stopped and that he's losing control of the aircraft.

While the celeb and passengers begin to panic about the situation, they've got to decide whether they're brave enough to jump out of the plane in a parachute to save their lives!

American socialite Paris Hilton was one of the stars to fall victim for Galal's elaborate prank this season.

Last year, Galal's boat prank on "Ramez Qirsh Al Bahr" (Ramez, The Sea Shark) went swimmingly well - for him - when he managed to terrify a host of Arab stars into thinking that they were about to get eaten by a live shark in the middle of the sea, with blood splurging everywhere around them as their rubber boat began to quickly sink into the water.

Fingers crossed that we will get to LOL at the expense of frightened stars in June!

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