The reality of Muna Shalabi’s engagement

Published May 16th, 2007 - 04:05 GMT

After constant denial, producer Khaled Yousif publicly revealed that he is engaged to young Egyptian actress Muna shalabi. Khaled stated that the engagement isn’t official; however, they are a couple and will be engaged soon.


This news came out when the producer had made a phone call to the show “El Beit Bietak,” in attempt to put an end to different rumors that had been concentrated on the nature of the relationship between him and Muna.

Rumors claimed that the two have been a couple for the past three years, but the two had constantly denied being so.


Yousif is married with two kids. Muna had an earlier relationship with a younger producer for a while, but that did not stop her from having another with Khaled Yousif once again. Zizi Mustafa, Muna’s mother and retired belly dancer, has denied that her daughter is engaged to Khalid Yousif. However, Zizi Mustafa had to call her daughter to make sure if the rumor of her engagement is true or not.


At the same time Shalabi has been away from the spotlight for some time, her excuse is that she is busy with the making of her new film. Shalabi’s been the cover girl for the latest issue of the “Akhbar El Nojoom” (Stars News) magazine last Thursday, where she stated that she is still looking for real love.

It is not known if this engagement will leads to marriage. There are rumors that Yousif is having lots of problems with his wife the mother of his kids. This engagement might be like other celebrities like them where it didn’t last for long.

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