Rotana wins over Wardah Al Jazaryiah

Published March 22nd, 2009 - 04:38 GMT

The event was not a usual one and it was considered as a night for the greatest which is how the presenter Jomanah Bo Eid described it in her speech to open the press conference. Under the supervision of the famous music production company Rotana for Sounds and Visions president Salim Al Hindi, the company held a press conference for the great artist Wardah Al Jazaryiah celebrating their new contract together. There were great press and artists’ attendance to the celebration which went by the logo “Wahashtina” (We Missed You).

 The celebration started with video presenting the best stages of Wardah’s art and musical career and then the president Al Hindi said his speech revealing how happy he is to have won the great artist over to his company. As for their contract together Al Hindi made clear that it will be a different contract like no other artist that has joined the company. Rotana will be producing two new albums for Wardah the first will include new songs and the second will be a mix of duets between Wardah and other young artists. The second album was requested by Wardah, because she wants it to be new and different.

According to the London daily Elaph, on her behalf, Wardah is over whelmed to have joined the big family at Rotana and started teasing everyone there “that since she is the oldest artist she should be the mother of other artists in the company”. Wardah also revealed that she’ll be working with the Lebanese musician Marwan Khoury and Walid Saed on composing new songs for her.


She also said that she was surprised know that the famous Egyptian superstar Tamer Hosni has a new song composed for her where she’ll be listening to it in the short period to come. As for the duets Wardah revealed that she wants to work with the young artist Asala, Angham, Shireen Abed Al Wahab and Hussein Al Jismi.

  Among the guests at the press conference were well-known Egyptian celebrities like Nabilah Obeid, Elham Shaheen, Mahmoud Yasin, Athar Al Hakim the composers Helmi Baker Salah Al Sharnobi, and the Syrian artist Asala and her husband Tareq Al Aryan. Rotana also held a dinner party after the press conference in honor of Wardah and for winning her over to the Rotana family.

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