Ruby faces new lawsuit

Published September 17th, 2005 - 08:25 GMT

Controversial Egyptian singer Ruby and her business manager Sharif Sabri are facing a new lawsuit filed by lawyer Nabieh Al Wahish, who is demanding that the ‘Egyptian Musician Association’ cancel her membership.

Nabieh asserted the singer should be stripped of her membership, which he believes was acquired in an unlawful manner.

Nabieh stated that he will not be satisfied only ousting the singer from the Association, but he will fight to have her banned from the music industry, claiming she is unfit as a performer since “she only attempts to seduce people and is a bad example to all Egyptians.”

Al Wahish is famous for filing lawsuits against female singers, whom he feels are an insult to Arab sensibilities. The last lawsuit he filed was against Tunisian singer Najla, and it is said that he was the main reason behind her being banned from performing in Egypt.

This is the second lawsuit filed by Nabih in regard to Ruby’s membership of the Association.  The first was against composer and president of the Association, Hassan Abu Al Saod, for permitting Ruby to become a member. Nabih claimed that Hassan’s acceptance of Ruby was illegal since it violated the regulations of the Association.

Since being admitted to the Association and giving a generous donation to the retirement fund (50 thousand EGP), Ruby is still facing opposition from many association members. The opposition, headed by Rida Ragab and Mystro Salah Aram, waged a fierce campaign against Abu Al Saoud claiming that Ruby's donation was as a bribe for her acceptance into the Association.

Hassan retorted that Ruby came to the Association sincerely wanting to be a member.

Composer Hilmi Baker, known to be against seductive singers, said that he cannot understand how the association could accept such a “low class” singer.
On another note, the advertisement campaign for Ruby’s concert in Alexandria, Egypt proved a failure, after few people bought tickets and the concert was cancelled.

 According to the Qatar based daily, Al Raya, only 1500 tickets were sold, leading Ruby to return home to Cairo.

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