Salah Al Saadani, Mervat Amin Stir Emotions with Tale of Arab-Israeli Wars

Published November 12th, 2001 - 02:00 GMT

Egyptian actress Mervat Amin is returning to the TV screen along with Salah Al Saadani in the new series Nuqtet Nizam (Point of Order), an examination of the Arab-Israeli wars' devastating effects on ordinary people.  

The director, Magdi Abu Amerah, was also responsible for Amin’s series Al Rajul Al Akhar (The Other Man), according to the daily Al Sharq Al Awsat. 

Nuqtet Nizam, scripted by Mohammed Safaa Amer, depicts social and political life in Egypt during the wars in 1967 and 1973. It tackles the issue of Egyptian prisoners of war through the story of Omar (Saadani) who fights in the 1967 war and is interned, then released to fight again in the 1973 war.  

Omar and his beloved (Amin) separate due to the war, and she marries another man and goes to live abroad. Her husband dies and she returns home to meet her ex-lover, who has become a different man after his experiences in the wars.  

Now, he is emotionally paralyzed, while she is still the same romantic girl, and the couple fails to find their lost love. 

Costarring in the series are Safiyya Al Omari, Gamil Rateb, Rashwan Tawfiq, Karima Mukhtar, Ezzat Abu Of, Ghada Adel, Hayatem, Yaser Galal and Mohammed Al Shaqanqari. 

The production department of the Egyptian TV sector has allocated a sum of five million pounds for the series –  

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