Samir Ghanem Plays Doubles

Published July 16th, 2001 - 02:00 GMT

Comedy star Samir Ghanem has denied that his performance in two plays in the same season is an imitation or exploitation of the successful experience of Egyptian actor Mohammed Subhi. 

Ghanem told the London-based daily Al Sharq Al Awsat that “it was only the circumstances which spurred me to offer the two plays, Ana Wa Mrati Wa Monica (Myself, Wife and Monica) and Dori Mi Fasolia, in the same season.”  

This was due, Ghanem added, “to my commitment to the producer of the former and its large audience, and my admiration of the latter, which I did not want to lose.” 

Regarding the withdrawal of the two stars of the plays and their replacement in a record period of time, Ghanem said, “Nermin Al Faqi, the star of my first play and wit whom I have costarred over the past two years, had to send her regrets due to her commitment to shooting some TV performances in Cairo. Her daily travel from Cairo to Alexandria, where the play was being staged, was impossible. She was also committed to a new play entitled Al Net Fil Internet along with Hisham Salim under the direction of Husam Eddin Salah.” 

Ghanem’s wife Dalal Abdel Aziz sent her regrets, he said, for not performing in his second play due to the refusal of the director Mahmoud Abu Jalila to make any changes in the second play’s script per her requests. 

Ghanem sought the help of the Lebanese artist Jihan Qamari as a substitute for Nermin and the Egyptian artist Mimi Jamal to replace Dalal Abdel Aziz - 

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