Samira Said sacrifices everything for the wellbeing of her son

Published June 23rd, 2003 - 02:00 GMT

Moroccan singer Samira Said has announced that she will be moving her residence this summer to the same city her son Shadi attends school at, in order to ensure his comfort. Samira has revealed that it takes over three hours for her son to go and come back to school, in turn making him overly exhausted, prompting her to move as soon as possible. 


Samira has made it a point to spend at least three hours every day with her son going over his school works and spending quality time with him. While with her son, who is in the third grade, Samira cuts off all contacts with the outside world and refuses any interruptions from anyone. 


Samira expressed that since she now resides in Egypt with her son, she no longer can depend on asking her family for advice regarding which songs to choose, but rather turns to friends she has made in Egypt.  


On a different note, after an agreement was finally reached to hold a duet with the international French singer Charles Aznavour, Samira Said was in shock to hear that all preparations that were already underway must come to an end. The final touches on the duet were forced to a halt after Charles had apologized to Samira for being unable to continue their previously planned song due to a sever sickness that suddenly struck him.  


Samira was very disappointed over the cancellation of the duet since she was planning to make it a big surprise for all her Arab fans, and was sure it will be up to their satisfaction. Samira added that since Charles will need a long time to recover from his illness, she plans on continuing preparations for her upcoming album, but without the duet.  


The singer revealed that she is almost complete with the selection of all the songs for her album, but stressed that she will not reveal what they are to ensure that no one steals them. She added that she has been looking at many different songs in order to help her decide on the new look for her upcoming album.  


Samira had hoped that after reaching an agreement with Charles that she can repeat the success she received from her duet with Algerian singer Cheb Mami "Youm Wara Youm" (Day After Day) in the Arab World and Europe.  


Said has revealed that she is currently looking to find a new style to present to her audience for her new album. The singer who has always surprised her audience with new looks feels it is important to come up with new ideas for her style of appearance and in addition to her style of music. Samira revealed that she is trying very carefully to select new songs for her upcoming album especially since she has recently won different music awards; she feels it is her duty to up to people's expectations. She stressed that it is difficult to choose songs that everyone will like, due to the fact that people have different taste in music.  


Born and raised in Rabat, Morocco, Said now lives her life between Egypt, Morocco and the US. She began singing at an early age in the TV program Mawaheb (Talents), dedicated to children's talents. But it wasn't until "Alemnah Al Hob" (Teach Us Love), in 1983, that the doors of fame had opened for her. –  

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