Shabaan Abdul Rahim prays that Ghada Rizik will hate Israel

Published April 2nd, 2003 - 02:00 GMT

After Egyptian actress Wafa Amer turned down Egyptian folk singer Shabaan Abdul Rahim for the leading role offered in his upcoming film "Ana Bakrah Israel" (I Hate Israel), which is also the name of the popular single for the singer, the producer of the film revealed that the next candidate nominated is Egyptian actress Ghada Rizik, reported the UAE based daily Al Bayan.  


Wafa's decision came from the fact that she did not want to costar with Shabaan in order to steer away from the rumors that have circulated about a secret marriage between the two. Wafa said that the rumors have caused a number of problems for her with her family and psychologically, and she does not wish to put herself in a situation which might jeopardize her happy and stable marriage and family life, even if it means turning down a wonderful role as the one offered to her.  


Wafa marks the fourth actress who turns down Shabaan's offer to costar with him. Muna Shalabi, Sumaya Al Khatab, and Hind Sabri, who costarred with Shabaan in his previous film, have all declined and apologized for being unable to accept.  


Ghada was in shocked when she discovered that an Egyptian newspaper had accused her of having a relationship in the past with businessman Hussam Abu El Fateh and had been involved in a similar scandal of sex films as is the case with Egyptian belly dancer Dina. Despite previous occurrences of such allegations, Ghada filed a complaint against the paper that wrote about her involvement.  


In an interview held with the actress, she revealed the nature of her previous relationship with Hussam and why she had decided to file a lawsuit against the paper that wrote of her involvement in the scandal of pornographic films. Ghada admitted to have never encountered Hussam throughout her life and was never involved with him in any manner. She added that the reason behind filing a lawsuit is because this time the rumors have gone too far disgracing her name and image. She said she would not allow anyone to drag her into such a scandal and was not willing to remain silent which would mean that she was in fact involved with the businessman.  


When asked about taking on any new seductive roles as her usual style, Ghada replied that she is trying to refrain from the role of the seductive and sexy woman in movies and TV series, not wanting to be limited to such parts. She added that she plans on taking different roles to prove to directors that she is capable of playing any part she is given.  


On a different note, in September of last year Ghada was threatened to face an official warning for her indecent wardrobes. The Egyptian censorship had threatened the actress by taking legal actions, if she continued neglecting the warning issued against her, over the shameless dresses she worn in her latest play "Tara'ee'o" starring Mohammed Henaidi, Hanan Turk and Medhat Saleh.  


The second warning came to demand Abdul Raziq to comply with the society's values and cultures, and to wear clothes that fit the play's original script permitted by the censorship. -

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