Shireen banned in Egypt

Published October 17th, 2006 - 03:00 GMT

Egyptian singer Shireen Abdul Wahab has been banned from performing in Egypt, according to head of the ‘Egyptian Musician Association,’ Hassan Abu Soud, who announced the drastic decision at a recent board of directors meeting.


The decision was sent to all institutions and companies that specialize in audio and visual entertainment in Egypt and abroad, including concert sponsors.


The decision was prompted by the singer’s refusal to allow the association’s committee to investigate the multiple accusations filed against her by record producer Nasr Mahrous. 


The disputes between Shireen and Mahrous have been ongoing.


Shireen decided to break her contract with Mahrous' company ‘Free Music’ and pay the penalty, opting to be represented by her lawyer and not be present at any of the hearings. Mahrous has refused to accept the compensation.


Shireen decided to film her music video "Ala Bali" (On My Mind) with a Lebanese director instead of Mahrous.  He claims their contract stipulates that Mahrous direct all video clips for the singer.


Initially, relations between Shireen and Mahrous became tense after Shireeen refused to accept the leading role in the film "Omar and Salma," alongside singer Tamer Husni, who is presently serving a prison sentence for forging legal documents. 


Rumors claim that Shireen declined since Tamer appeared in over 80% of scenes, not giving the other actors their rightful time.  Mahrous offered to double the scenes she would appear in, but she still declined.


On a different note, Shireen cofirmed that she has broken off her engagement with her second finance, Egyptian-Libyan businessman Ahmad Ghazali.


The couple was only engaged for a few weeks, but the singer said that “things were not working out” between them, and so she preferred to break it off with Ahmad now rather than later.


At the premier screening of the film “Halim,” Ahmad announced that he and Shireen were officially engaged.  “We are both wearing our engagement rings, but have yet to decide on a wedding date,” said Ahmad.


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