Singers return to the arena after ceasefire

Published April 16th, 2003 - 02:00 GMT

After the US-British led war on Iraq had paralyzed the Arabic music industry, and caused enormous money losses with deletion of concerts, delays of new releases, and so on, Egyptian singers have decided that it was time to return to work especially after a ceasefire has been called by American forces. The singers began intensive recording sessions in order to catch-up on time lost during the war, hoping to reach previously set schedules for their releases. 


According to the Kuwaiti based daily Al Qabas, a number of singers had already set up appointments with composers and poets to help speed the process of releasing their album. The deadly silence that had hit the music industry during the war has broken free being replaced with commotion and preparations and other activities.  


Among the singers who began preparing their albums are Egyptian singers Angham, Mohammad Foad, Mohammad Munir and many others along with new comers. Many singers had used the war as an opportunity to release songs that showed support to the Iraqi people and gained lots of popularity for the words that held so much meaning and affection. 


Egyptian singer Hisham Abbas recorded a new song "Bi Ay Haq" (With What Right) exclusively for the suffering Iraqi people. The singer feels that through his song, he is better able to portray his feelings and views towards the US-British unjust war on Iraq. Upon completion of the recording process, Hisham will resume and begin shooting a music video for the song, which will be directed by Adel Adeeb, in the hope that it will be aired in the very near future. The singer expressed his sorrow and anger towards what is happening in Iraq especially since innocent children and civilians are the ones paying the highest price.  


Hisham added that "With What Right" is his way of contributing to the Iraqi people, in the sense that the song will show to the world how unjust the attack on them is. The song is written by poet Rabi' Al Saioufi, composed by Amro Mustafa and distributed by Hani Jacob. 


Iraqi singer Kathem Al Saher had began recording a new song "Atfal Al Iraq Al Hazina Bi Ai Thanb Yuktaloon" (Children of the heartbreaking Iraq, for what fault are they being killed) in Cairo written by Egyptian poet Farouq Juwaideh. Kathem expressed that ever since war broke out in Iraq, he was eagerly searching for a way to express his devotion and solidarity with his people.  


A new duet "We Want Peace" has also been released over the Internet for the Iraqi singer and African American singer Lenny Kravitz, adding to the large collection of new singles sung by singers worldwide calling for world peace and security. Kravitz launched the song, which was recorded in Maiami Florida, during Kathem's tour of the United States, on the American national association website "Rock the Foot" that encourages involvement of the young generation in politics. – 

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