Sulaf Fokharji plays Halim’s mysterious lover

Published August 31st, 2005 - 10:22 GMT

Syrian actress Sulaf Fokharji has recently visited Cairo for a period of two days where she began shooting her first scenes for the upcoming film “Halim...Hikayet Sha’eb” (Halim…A Nation’s Story). The film’s leading star was the late prominent Egyptian actor Ahmad Zaki, who tragically passed away before its completion.


Sulaf will play the role of “Jihan,” Halim’s mysterious lover, who comes from a well-known Egyptian family.  Although, to their dismay, the love affair does not end in marriage.


Sulaf revealed that she is overwhelmed about acting in such a film that tells the story of Egypt’s beloved legend Abdul Halim Hafez. Sulaf was honored at being nominated by Zaki and prominent director Sharif Arafeh and considers the role to be the most important of her career. She stated that she will place her greatest effort toward meeting their expectations.
Sulaf previously visited Egypt only twice, once at the launching of the film, while Zaki was still alive, and the second time to attend Zaki’s funeral.  In between both visits, Sulaf’s busy schedule kept her from shooting any of the scenes with the late actor,. and instead she will be shooting the scenes along his son Haitham.


Sulaf will return to Egypt at the end of the week to shoot her new scenes in the studios of Cairo and Alexandria. It has been suggested that the producers may replace some of the actors with younger ones to correspond with Haitham’s age to make the film more realistic.


Haitham has been nominated to complete his father’s role in the film and will play the role of the late Egyptian singer Abdul Halim Hafez in his early years. The producers of the film felt that Haitham was the best candidate for the role, especially due to the strong resemblance he has with his father, in addition to his promising talent as an actor.


Director, Sharif Arafeh, waited until the mourning period of Ahmad ended to resume filming.  In addition to the new actor, Haitham, a number of prominent stars from Egypt and Syria will take part.

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