Summaya Al Khashab and Ghada Abdul Riziq detest one another

Published December 15th, 2004 - 10:10 GMT

After they acted alongside one another in the television dramas "Al Haj Mitwali" a couple of years ago, and "Mahmoud Al Masri" this past Ramadan, Egyptian actresses Summaya Al Khashab and Ghada Abdul Riziq’s relationship began deteriorating to the point of hatred. Both actresses can no longer stand hearing the other’s name or even see each others faces.


On her part Summaya revealed that she will never work with director Majdi Abu Ameireh because he is the main reason behind the deterioration of her relationship with Ghada. Summaya had the notion that Ghada was given a minor role in the drama "Mahmoud Al Masri", but was shocked when she discovered the opposite. Summaya realized that Ghada was given the role of Clio in the drama, which is a bigger role than Summaya’s.


Summaya also found out that additional scenes were added at last minute to Ghada’s role, which were not previously agreed on. Summaya also stressed that special attention was given to Ghada while she was being neglected completely.


Al Khashab tried to find out the reason behind the attention focused on Ghada and why she was receiving the special treatment, but she failed to get a justified explanation from Majdi. She was informed that the role was previously intended to be given to a new actress, but the leading actor Mahmoud Abdul Aziz had stressed that he wanted Ghada for the role feeling that she best suits the part of Clio.


The situation worsened when Summaya saw the credits of the drama where Ghada’s name came before hers leading her to become extremely angry and cut off all contact with Majdi, who tried to explain to her that the production company had made the order of the names and he as a director has nothing to do with the matter.


According to the London based daily, Al Quds Al Arabi, Summaya refused to believe Majdi’s justification and announced she will never work with him again even if he presented her with a leading role. Mahmoud tried to hold a meeting with Summaya, Majdi and Ghada to resolve differences, but his attempts failed and situation remains as is.


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