Winning the censorship battle, Egyptian movie 'The Atheist' is set for release

Published November 18th, 2012 - 12:34 GMT
Al-Molhid film poster.
Al-Molhid film poster.

After a long wait, 'Al-Molhid' (The Atheist), an Egyptian film directed by Nader Seif Eddin and inspired by a true story, has gained the support and approval of Al-Azhar University, and has been passed by the Egyptian censorship committee without any scenes being removed. 

According to film producer Adham Afifi, there were many battles with the authorities over its release, but these battles have now been resolved, after  Al-Azhar gave the film the seal of approval.

The film was referred to Al-Azhar by the censorship committee for a final verdict on its release. Following Al-Azhar's approval, the committee passed the film without cutting any scenes.

Despite its approval by authorities, the team behind the film has been receiving death threats from radicals in the country, they claim. "We finished filming two months ago and by that time I had full approval of the script, and I was very pleased," Afifi told the Ahram Arabic news website.

"I was surprised shortly afterwards when I received threatening phone calls, in addition to Facebook pages opposing the film's release," he said. "But I am determined to release Al-Molhid and am currently negotiating with a number of cinemas for a screening during the upcoming winter-break."


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