Thikra at the grand finale of the Carthage Festival

Published August 25th, 2004 - 02:00 GMT

The annual Tunisian summer Music Carthage Festival held its grand finale earlier this week, where an honoring of the late Tunisian singer Thikra was witnessed as singers from around the world sang some of her songs. Over 12 thousand people attended the closing ceremony and a special biography of Thikra’s music career was hung for everyone to see and read. 


Nine different singers sang Thikra’s songs along with a special musical group in honor of her memory. A new book has been published in Tunisia in the memory of Thikra entitled “Ameerat Altarab” (Princess of Tarab/Singing). The author Hajar Bin Naser said that she wanted this book to be a tribute to the late singer who many did not truly know details of her life, adding that this book is to mark how talented and gifted Thikra was. 


One chapter talked about Thikra's childhood and her beginning in the world of singing. The book talks about her hard journey from the south of Tunisia until she became famous. The book also narrates the story of Thikra since she stated to sing with a band in her school in Khazindar institution till she performed on Carthage theatre in a talent contest back in 1980 where she won first prize. 


Then the book goes on about her trip to Libya and her work with famous composers and poets and then her move to Cairo where she worked with Hani Muhana and Hilmi Baker. Her successful duets with many famous Arab singers like Mohammed Abdo, Angham, Omar Abdullat, and Abdullah Ruaished were also tackled. 


On a different note, despite the fact that no journalist was allowed access into the apartment where the Thikra was brutally assassinated by her husband during the incident, a photograph was released of her murdered and thrown on one of the couches of the apartment, wearing a casual white training suits. The mystery that everyone fails to solve was how the photograph was released to the public, especially after the very strict regulations put by police not to publicize any of the evidence.  


It was also revealed that there exists a videotape, which lasts for approximately 12 minutes, of Thikra laying dead among the other three bodies drowning in blood. Rumors has it the copies of the videotape are available in several Gulf countries and private gatherings are arranged to watch it. Despite the lack of solid proof of the existence of the videotape, sources asserted that it exists along with other photographs of the deceased, which were taken by cameras" onmouseover="window.status = 'goto: cameras';return 1" onmouseout="window.status=''">cameras on mobile phones.  


The Egyptian state attorney considered the murder case Thikra closed. The state attorney declared that there would be no other legal actions taken or accusations addressed to anyone due to the fact that the killer, Thikra’s husband Aiman Sweiedi, has committed suicide. – 

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