The truth behind Latifa’s ban in Algeria

Published December 6th, 2007 - 02:55 GMT

A published article in the Algerian newspaper “Alhan Wa Shabab” revealed that the cancellation of all of Tunisian singer Latifa’s concerts in Algeria is mainly due to the fact that every time the singer received an invitation to sing in Algeria she declined it without giving and justified reason.


Some rumors point to Algerian singer Fulla, who has been in constant disputes with Latifa, as the mastermind behind the cancellation. A while back there were rumors going around saying that the Tunisian singer was the one who got Fulla banned from entering Egypt, and to get her back, Fulla managed to do the same in Algeria according to the newspaper.


 According to the London daily Elaph, Latifa is currently in France attending to several matters some of which included a concert for the Tunisian community. Latifa’s manager Anoud Maliki was surprised to hear of the article, and went on clearing that Latifa is not banned from singing in Algeria and will be participating in the music art show “Alhan Wa Shabab” (organized by the same newspaper), and “Star Academy Algeria’s Show”.


Latifa’s manager adds that there hasn’t been a set time for Latifa’s participation, because she wanted to finish her ties in France for the time being. She also adds that a crew from the Algerian television will be traveling from Algeria to Egypt with a number of rising stars from the show Alhan Wa Shabab to visit Latifa’s home there.

 On the other hand Latifa has been busy in France where she was a guest on a number of French and international satellite channels. She recently had been a guest on the show on the famous French channel “France 24”. Latifa talked about her life and how she began singing and she even talked about her acting career in the cinema and in theaters. She concluded her journey with her experience with the famous Lebanese artist Ziad Rahabani.

 Latifa will be having other interviews with France 24 channel and Canal Plus channels, where she also had an interview done with the radio station “Radio Al Sharq” (The East radio station).

 It is needless to say that Latifa has reached an agreement with the international company Universal to distribute her new album in the European market starting in December of this year. Her album was distributed in the Arab world by the famous music production company Rotana.

 The album includes the song “Al Homa Al Arabieh” (Arab Low Class Neighborhood) and the French channel will be airing the song during its programs.

 Latifa will be filming right after she comes back from France her new song “Tifel Sagher” (Little Kid) and it will take place in Lebanon with director Fadi Haddad. Latifa will be working on a new album and she be working once again with the Lebanese artist Ziad Rahabani.

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