Wafa Amer denies being jealous of younger sister

Published May 25th, 2005 - 07:31 GMT

 Egyptian actress Wafa Amer has revealed that she had requested of her younger sister to steer away from the acting world and look for a different career. To her regret, the sister refused to take Wafa’s advice and in fact accepted an offer to star in a new television dramas.


According to the London based weekly, Laha, Wafa stressed that she did not want her sister to enter the acting world not because of jealousy as many have speculated, but the mere fact that she did not want her to go through all the hardships that come with being an actress.  The actress added that from her experience in the acting world she has come to deal with the ongoing rumors, competition, and even jealousy that seems to never end.


Wafa stressed that she cannot not force her sister to do anything, and all she can give her is advice whenever she needs it. She added that she is just shocked at rumors that she is jealous of her sister, stressing that if she were ever to become jealous of another actress it would never be her own sister.


Wafa has revealed that she is very frustrated with Arabic magazines and newspaper who keep publishing rumors that she is secretly married and has a-two-year-old son named Omar. The actress added that these lies that are being written hold no facts to them.
Wafa stressed that she is married and the fact that she does not wish to reveal his identity is of no ones business and that if she wanted she would make a public appearance with her husband but she finds no reason to do so especially because she is not forced to justify her actions to people.
Wafa announced that she will no longer play the role of a dancer or the woman who uses her looks to get what she wants. The actress stressed that she made this decision as a way of respecting her husband and making sure that her son will grow up proud of his mother's career. She added that she does not deny the roles she has played in the past that made the media classify her as a seductive actress. 

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