What you don’t know about Kathem El Saher

Published February 21st, 2007 - 09:43 GMT

Iraqi singer Kathem El Saher is the next star to appear on the popular show “Ma La Tarifoneh An” (What you don’t know about).  Previous episodes featured singers Nancy Ajram, Ragheb Alama and Saber Ribaee on the Arab satellite television channel MBC.


Footage of his everyday life captures the real Kathem. The singer appears in a relaxed manner, different from the serious quality he usually projects.


The show, aired exclusively on MBC, revolves around the life of an artist from the start of his or her career to the present. The program will be aired on January 8, 2007, and according to the London based Elaph, MBC will exclusively air a number of music videos by Kathem.


The first portion of the program shows Kathem in his earlier years, including childhood photographs from his home in Iraq.


The cameras follow the singer to Los Angeles California and other cities to present behind the scenes footage of his recent tour around the USA.


The program also feature clips from a number of important performances Kathem held, like the one at the Royal Albert Hall in London and a special clip of a meeting with the late Lebanese poet Nizar Qabani. Interviews with family and friends capture intimate details of Kathem’s life.


Recently, El Saher held a tour around the United States, beginning on December 22. The singer held performances in Detroit, Washington DC, Las Vegas and Texas.


Kathem is soon to release his upcoming album, produced by ‘Rotana,’ marking the first after the singer renewed his contract with the company.


Kathem renewed his contract with music production company ‘Rotana,’ giving them the sole rights to produce and distribute his music.  The deal was signed to renew his contract after closed-door meetings with ‘Rotana’ president Salim Al-Hindi.


Al-Hindi said he was pleased the singer decided to renew his contract and that it is an honor for the company to have someone like Kathem on their team.

Kathem said that he is pleased to be a part of ‘Rotana’ and for the past twelve years he has enjoyed ongoing support and success from the company.


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