Yusra defends woman’s rights

Published January 11th, 2005 - 12:52 GMT

Right before completing the filming the scenes of her upcoming film “Kalam Fil Hub” (Love Talk), prominent Egyptian actress Yusra has already begun preparation for next film “Thawrit Al Nisa” (Women’s Revolution), where she plays the role of the famous journalist Muna Rajab. The film revolves around important issues that women face in today’s society especially in the Eastern cultures.


In the film, which is directed by newcomer Ramzi Imjahed, Yusra is a journalist who devotes her entire life to defending women’s rights. Yusra is hoping that her portrayal of Muna as a journalist will achieve similar success as achieved in her role as a television announcer in the drama series “Lika Ala Alhawa).

On a similar note, Yusra is the latest addition to the film “Amarit Ya’koubian”, which is based on the novel by Dr. Alaa’ Al Aswani. Director Marwan Hamed, who will mark his first directing experience with the movie, and Scenarist Waheed Hamid were able to convince Yusra to join the cast of the film after extensive negotiations.

Marwan was forced to postpone the filming of the movie, which the first scenes were previously scheduled to be shot by the end of this month. The delay was caused due to the fact that the director must find the right person to play the role of a bizarre journalist, which is a major role in the film.

A number of prominent actors have turned down their nomination for the role, like Egyptian actor Farouq Al Fishawi, due to the sensitivity of it and fear of expected criticism from journalists. Farouq had accepted the role of the narrator in the film, after the significant success he achieved in a similar role in his latest television drama “Al Dam Wal Nar”.

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