Yusra determined to find Rafiq Al Hariri’s assassin

Published March 16th, 2005 - 10:54 GMT

Prominent Egyptian actress Yusra has been nominated for the leading role in the upcoming film “Man Katal Ra’ees Al Wizara” (Who Killed the Prime Minister?), which revolves around the recent assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafiq Al Hariri. Renowned Egyptian producer, who is currently residing in England, has nominated a number of prominent actors and actresses from Egypt and Lebanon to take part in the new film.


The actress who is currently starring in two different films “Kalam Fil Hub” and “Amaret Ya’qoubain”, was in shock when she read in one of the tabloids that prominent Egyptian director Yousif Shahin had publicly stressed that he no longer feels she has the ability to give to the acting world and should call it quits.


The rumor had shocked everyone in the entertainment world as well as journalist, making them wonder why Yousif would make such a declaration. Many revealed that Yusra became infuriated with Shahin and his statements caused their friendship to be on icy waters.


On her part, Yusra denied that Yousif made such an announcement, stressing that she is his favorite actress and he would never advise her to quit. The actress added that she enjoys a very strong friendship with Shahin and nothing could come between them.


The cast of the film “Kalam Fil Hub” (Love Talk), starring Yusra, is scheduled to go to Syria where they will stay for 10 days to shoot a number of scenes. Many were surprised to learn that filming of scenes will take place in Syria because it was previously scheduled to be in Morocco.


The change in countries is mainly due to the fact that the cost of filming in Syria is much cheaper than Morocco a matter that led the producing company to make the shift. The film is directed by Ali Idris and written by his wife Zeinab Aziz. The film “Love Talk” had already been postponed numerous times in the past four years because Yusra was too busy with other works. The story of “Love Talk” revolves around a waitress in a restaurant who goes through different situations and relationships with various kinds of men.

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