Yusra, Laila Elwi and Elham Shaheen eliminated from Egypt’s Ramadan TV race

Published October 8th, 2004 - 02:00 GMT

Officials at the Egyptian Broadcasting Company have announced that they will not allow the screening of Egyptian actresses Yusra, Laila Elwi and Elham Shaheen’s Ramadan drama series from airing on their local channels during the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan. The same incident had occurred last year with Yusra, when officials banned the broadcasting of her drama series “Malak Rouhi”. 


The decision has tremendously affected the actresses due to the fact that it means the success of their new works will be jeopardized. The actress have demanded an investigation into the matter to see why such a drastic decision was made without any prior notice. 


Yusra’s new drama [Liqa' Ala Hawa'] talks about a Talk Show announcer who faces pressures due to the nature of her show. The drama is costarred by Hisham Sileem, Hassan Husni, Hassan Zaher, and Sumaia Khashab and directed by Mohammed Najjar. 


Laila Elwi in her TV drama [Bint Min Shibra] performs the role of a Greek girl who refuses to leave her home country [Egypt] and falls in love with an Egyptian Muslim man who rectifies lots of her wrong concepts.  


Elham Shahin says that only comedy movies are dominating the market these days so most of her generation who are looking for good cinema just turned their interest to TV. Elham adds that she recently finished her latest movie entitled [Khali Min El-Kolestrol] with Ashraf Abdul Baqi and directed by Mohammed Abu Seif.  


About her roles in TV, Elham says that she was able to take part in two TV dramas for Ramadan [Bint Afandina] scenario by Mohammed Galal and direction by Mohammed Abu Seif. Elham performs the role of a peasant and the landlord tries to take her as his lover but under her constant refusal he decides to marry her and she becomes a community star. –Albawaba.com  

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