Yusra's drama stolen!

Published October 5th, 2007 - 12:11 GMT

Writer Adel Abdullah has filed a lawsuit against Muhsin Al Jalad for stealing his story idea and turning it into a television drama series. Adel Abudllah claims that he wrote the story “Al Muwajaha” (Confrontation) and Muhsin Jalad stole his idea and turned it into a drama series called “Qadiyet Ra’ie Am” (Social Issue), which is being aired on Egypt and other satellite channels during the holy month of Ramadan.
Adel said that he gave his story to a friend Sharif Kamal to show it to a producer, and in the interim the theme was stolen and turned into a series, according to Egyptian newspaper Al Masa’.  He did not take any legal action to protect his rights of ownership, said Adel Abdullah.


The famous Egyptian actor Yusra plays the leading role of Dr. Ablah who is raped while working at a hospital.  This is the first time the issue of rape is depicted in an Egyptian television drama.


Actors Liqa’ Al Khamisi, Sami Al Adel, Ahmad Flokas, Ibrahim Yusri and newcomer Amro Samir star alongside Yusra.


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