As Gaddafi stays low, a reminder of the revolutionary show he put on: 'Qaddafisms Round-Up'!

While he has been officially exonerated in the press as the mass rapist of his people - as e-rumours proliferated the myth of his arming his military with viagra to rape women en mass, following the outing of Iman al-Obeidi-  he is still very much a threat at large. Still, his security apparatus seems to be weakening, and there are decided cracks in his armour. Unlikely that his former measures of security - including the now rumoured to-be-retired- Amazonian Guards- can do much at this stage. These female body-guards are reported to have been released, or fled their posts.

In case you too find yourself missing the theatrical appearences of this camera-courting character, as he avoids TV interviews in favor of radio, here's something to keep you going:  a reminder in photos of his finest revolution-time moments.  A 'Qaddafism Round-up,' if you will.

For previous Qaddafisms, Qaddafisms 2,  from the Colonel's career- brought to you first by Al Bawaba.



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