Nadia Al Jundi fails

Published September 4th, 2010 - 06:35 GMT
Nadia Al Jundi as Queen Nazli
Nadia Al Jundi as Queen Nazli

Critics have simultaneously agreed that Egyptian actress Nadia Al Jundi has failed in portraying the character of ‘Queen Nazli’ in the television drama “Nasli Malikah Fil Manfa” (Nazli a Queen in exile), and considered the drama a big disgrace.


Critics stated that the drama lacked authenticity and did not portray events as they happened in reality. It was added that there were many production mistakes and the drama did not achieve any significant success and was not watched by many. In addition, it was thought the script was written and filmed in a poor manner, and the actors that were chosen were not suitable for the roles they played.


According to the London based Elaph, critics believed Nadia performed her role very poorly and instead of portraying the role of Queen Nazli she was playing the role of Queen Nadia.


Nadia’s performance was compared to Egyptian actress Wafa Amer who had played the same role in the television drama “King Farouq” a few years ago. Critics believed that Wafa played the role of Queen Nazli in a very convincing manner and should have been chosen instead of Nadia.





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