‘Photo’ of killed Daesh militant circulates, turns out it’s just a Jordanian actor

Published October 9th, 2016 - 01:34 GMT
A Daesh flag flies in Syria. (AFP/File)
A Daesh flag flies in Syria. (AFP/File)

Ibrahim Madhe is an actor and comedian based in Jordan who has worked on a number of different TV shows, including the critically-acclaimed Daesh-mocking “Selfie”. Apparently, his portrayal of a Daesh militant in the show was convincing enough to fool the editors at a number of Arabic-language media outlets into thinking he’s actually a member of the group.

A picture of Madhe dressed as a Daesh militant has been attached to numerous reports about a Jordanian foreign fighter who killed himself in a suicide attack against Kurdish Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in Syria. For Madhe, seeing himself associated with Daesh was a shock to say the least, and so he took to Facebook to set the record straight.

"Charges will be filed against over 7 websites that have published my picture with awful news stories like this. Here’s a question: where’s the editing that’s supposed to check the facts of story before before you publish it? But unfortunately we’re used to someone writing something and then copying it afterwards."

Allegedly known as Abdaljabbar al-Urduni, the actual bomber is one of a number of Jordanian foreign fighters  who have died fighting with Daesh in the past few months. Though the story of Abdaljabbar al-Urduni might be true, Ibrahim Madhe had nothing to do with it.



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