British Woman Attack Mosque with Booze and Bacon in Oldham, England

Published November 8th, 2018 - 12:10 GMT

Shocking video has been circulating on social media shows two British women videotaping themselves while pouring alcohol and throwing bacon in front of a mosque in Oldham, England.

The video starts with the two women approaching the mosque during prayer time, which can be heard in the video. One of them is heard warning her friend that they could "get arrested" for what they are doing while laughing.

The video also shows one of them while leaving bacon at the door, before they started laughing hysterically and ran away.

The two women who were widely-condemned, were believed to carry out such an act as a hate-crime towards Muslims, considering bacon and alcohol are prohibited in Islam.

The incident had been investigated by police when it happened in September, according to authorities.

The video came to light during this week has been watched for thousands of times sparking general condemnation among social media users.

The video was shared in the same time when another video from UK went viral showing a model of Grenfell Tower being burned at a bonfire party.

The viral video was considered an insult and hate crime against the Grenfell Tower fire victims. Shortly after, the suspects who filmed the video were taken into custody and an investigation is going into the incident.

Brits were also shocked to see the two videos and angered to realize that hate crime toward minorities are now being carried out frequently.

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