Brainwashed or Virtuous? Kids Skip School to Protest Paris Agreement

Published March 14th, 2019 - 02:44 GMT
A school student in Scotland taking part of the ClimateStrike. (Twitter/@HollyWildChild)
A school student in Scotland taking part of the ClimateStrike. (Twitter/@HollyWildChild)

Hundreds of thousands of school kids in more than 92 countries across the globe have been preparing to go on a school strike for the climate on Friday, March 15.

As students are planning a school walk-out to demand their governments comply with the Paris Agreement and take faster actions to cut greenhouse gas emissions and prevent a climate catastrophe and save the planet.

According to Climate Change News website, more than 1,209 events were planned in different countries around the world.

Aiming at pressuring their governments to safeguard their future, students are crowding to go on a walkout planned to be the biggest of its kind yet.

Campaigns to the crowd for the protest have been going for months. It all began with Greta Thunberg, a16-year-old environmental activist when she started skipping school on Fridays in August 2018 to protest outside Sweden's parliament.

While the protest has been receiving support and praise from around the world, some have another opinion.

The students have been described by some as victims of political correctness as some of them are barely literate or numerate.

Some even suggested that the school kids should be putting their efforts into raising their grades rather than skipping their classes for a whole day.

Amid some calls to punish the protesting students in Australia, Amnesty Australia went to announce support and condemnation for such calls. Amnesty  International Australia’s Manager Campaign also confirmed their support with all the students who are taking part of the protests for their courage and for their voices that are not being heard by governments.

Between calls to peacefully support the protesters and calls to punish them, there was only one fact standing there which is that climate change has been presenting one of the most urgent threats to the earth.

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