Daesh is asking (forcing) men in its territories to conscript as fighters

Published October 20th, 2015 - 04:02 GMT
Is the group losing voluntary fighters? (AFP/File)
Is the group losing voluntary fighters? (AFP/File)

Daesh (ISIS) has launched a military conscription campaign for men living in its territories in Syria and Iraq, according to Arabic media reports this week.

Flyers appearing in areas like the group's Syrian stronghold city of Raqqa as well as reports from residents living in Daesh-held areas of Aleppo and the northern Iraqi city of Mosul indicate a growing interest by the group to bolster its fighting ranks. Decrees called for military service for males aged 14-40. 

Ali Mowas, a resident in the Aleppo province city of Jarabulus, told Syrian-based ARA News Daesh announced the order on Tuesday, saying new fighters would be taken outside the city to battle "against God’s enemies."

Women are not part of the new consciption drive, but Mowas said Daesh members formed a special unit to convince women to join them.

This comes amid major action across the Aleppo province—much of which has forced Daesh on the defensive. Rebels claimed they ran Daesh militants from the village of Tal Jabin earlier this week, while Syrian government forces and its allies continued a major ground offensive toward Aleppo city Monday.

Rebels said their offensive in Tal Jabin saw a number of losses from Daesh. And while the conscription note doesn't mention that, it's certainly coming at a coincidental time.

Here's one of the flyers purportedly hung around Raqqa announcing the decree, with an English translation below. 

All of our Muslim brothers who are 14 years old and above are to head to the closest police station to register their names from next Saturday until the following Friday. Everyone who does not register his name will be severely punished. 

[The next few lines list facilities one can go to enlist]

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