Daesh is reportedly cutting fighter salaries in Aleppo

Published January 17th, 2016 - 02:29 GMT
If proven genuine, a document purportedly from the war-torn city could suggest the militant group is running low on funds. (AFP/File)
If proven genuine, a document purportedly from the war-torn city could suggest the militant group is running low on funds. (AFP/File)

Daesh (ISIS) fighters in Aleppo will have their pay cut by half, according to a new memo reportedly posted in the war-torn city in eastern Syria. 

News site Aleppo24 posted a document on Twitter Saturday purportedly from Daesh commanders in Aleppo. Dated January 2016, the document explains that all fighters will be getting a pay cut of 50 percent, regardless of rank, due to "exceptional circumstances." 

The first part of the document asserts that jihad, or religious duty, applies not only to fighting but also to money and recalls a hadith in which Abu Baker, a friend of the Prophet Mohammed, gives tithing, or religious contribution. The second part goes on to introduce the new pay cut. 

Speculation about how the militant group is faring in its territories has been a subject of debate. Fighters launched a major offensive in northwestern Deir Ezzor this week, where reports of massive civilian casualties and executions have been rampant. Meanwhile, other Daesh militants are locked into fierce clashes with Syrian government troops farther north in the Aleppo province. Syrian state news said the army successfully repelled an attack on the provincial city of Al-Bab, killing some 16 fighters. 

Elsewhere, declassified video footage released by the US Defence Department shows a cash stockpile belonging to the group being destroyed by coalition airstrikes in Mosul, Iraq. And last month, when Daesh released an audi recording purporting to be the voice of leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, some believed its messages—and the reemergence of the elusive leader—could be a sign of hard times for the group. 

The document from Aleppo this week has not been independently verified. But if it's genuine, the move could reinvigorate this discussion. 

See the document and an English translation below, via Twitter.


The Jihad of money was mentioned in Quran nine times, while Jihad in fighting was mentioned once only, Omar Bin Alkhattab said “the Prophet commanded us to pay our tithing so I paid half of my money, the Prophet asked me, 'have you left anything for your family?' I said yes, the other half." That is when Abu Baker paid all of his money, so the Prophet asked him have you left anything for you family he said yes I left them with Allah and his Prophet.

Due to the exceptional circumstances that the Islamic state is going through we have decided to reduce all fighters salaries by 50% regardless of the fighter’s position and no exceptions to be made, taking into consideration that food will continue to be distributed twice a month as usual.

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