Dubai-based Filipino Designer 'Gets Knocked' for Mixing Kurdish Attire With Persian Wear

Published December 3rd, 2018 - 02:25 GMT

By Randa Darwish

As Dubai-based Filipino fashion designer Michael Cinco posted photos of his latest collection on Instagram he sparked anger among many of his Kurdish fans.

Cinco who released a new collection of different Persian modern outfits, seemed to have mixed up one of his designs calling it Persian while it is in fact a “Kurdish” traditional outfit.

Cinco posted a design of an embroidered Kurdish coat and pants on his Instagram as part of his latest “Prince of Persia” collection when comments flooded the post from angery followers educating him about the Kurdish traditional attire. Many urged him to fix it.

The fans of the designer accused him of “robbing” their culture.

Shortly after all the critical comments were removed, the designer fixed his design description to acknowledge that it is indeed a Kurdish design, but didn’t make any clarification.

Meanwhile, Cinco messaged one of his fans, who first pointed out the error and apologized. He also thanked his fans for pointing out the discrepancy.

Kurds, who are a large Sunni Muslim population, live in Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Armenia and Syria. They are known for not having an 'official home' to settle in. However, due to the discrimination and oppression they are facing, both politically and culturally, they are known to be strict over protecting their culture and traditions amidst fears of being further scattered.

The designer then received tens of comments from his grateful fans from Kurdistan who expressed their pride to have their culture being presented in his collection.

(From Instagram/michael5inco)

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