'Feminist Vibes' Account in Lebanon Gaslights Women and Asks for Dates

Published April 8th, 2019 - 12:56 GMT

A Lebanese Instagram account claiming to be 'male and feminist' has turned out to actually be about harrassment.

The account called “The Feminist Vibes”  that identifies himself in the bio as a “Lebanese young man” has been revealed after several women shared screenshots of his private messages, in which he asks women out and keeps sending messages despite outright rejections.

One Lebanese user (@witchdraft) wrote a thread on Twitter with details and screenshots she received from a number of women who were harassed by the account’s owner.

In the screenshots, women are continually asked to 'hang out' in Arabic.

The story is not new. Saleh has been apparently doing this for a long time and more women are coming out to talk about it.

Lebanese women have been tweeting about the issue and sharing his profile calling more people to report his account, and get it suspended.

Meanwhile, other women went to reveal a similar story about another Lebanese man, who identifies himself as a feminist yet acts in a way that puts physical intimacy first.

Translation: “In the past couple of days, two different men have been exposed for identifying themselves as feminists. They are Mostafa Saleh and Ghassan Saleh; the first is harasser and stalker while the other is an abuser and a rapist. Let your friends know their names and do not protect your male friends. Isolate them and cut them off. I don't believe in the male judiciary or unjust prison. All we have is social accountability.”

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