Filmed and Planned: Bus Stop Sexual Harassment in Egypt

Published November 22nd, 2018 - 01:56 GMT

Video has been circulating among Egyptians showing a man sexually harassing young girls outside Mansoura University.

Outraged Egyptians shared the video, demanding authorities take serious action.

The video shows a man standing behind women, most of them are students at the university, waiting for their bus.

Once the bus arrives and women start crowding to get into the bus, the man comes closer.

However, the man usually does not get into the bus, but he takes off and waits for the next bus to get the chance to do the same thing.

The video angered Egyptians and was widely shared.

Translation: “I have said before that sexual harassment in Egypt is everywhere, one woman responded and denied it saying there is no harassment in Egypt, or it is rare. This video is for her and anyone who have the same thoughts as her. I did not film the video, and it is reportedly taken in Mansoura, but I don’t know why the one who filmed it was quite and did not do anything about it! Maybe it was a girl who was afraid! God knows.”

Translation: “Salute to the police who arrested the harasser who appeared in a video sexually harassing students in Mansoura University. Mobile phones and cameras are an effective way to combat harassment.”

Later, authorities and the interior ministry confirmed the man was arrested.

Translation: “The Interior Ministry arrest the sexual harasser of Mansoura University.”

Sexual harassment rates in Egypt are the highest around the world. In the wake of MeToo campaign around the world in 2017, a report conducted by Thomson Reuters Foundation named the capital city of Egypt, Cairo as the world’s most dangerous city for women. Similar reports have been rising since 2011 following the Egyptian uprising of 2011, however, the Egyptian authorities did not take any serious measurements to fix the problem.

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