GBP Trends on Google As Egyptians Try to Figure Out How Much Mo Salah Earns (Hint: It's a Lot)

Published July 3rd, 2018 - 02:03 GMT
Mo Saleh is in the Money, but most Egyptians are not. (AFP/File Photo)
Mo Saleh is in the Money, but most Egyptians are not. (AFP/File Photo)

After Liverpool Football Club announced that Mo Salah has signed a new long-term contract with the club for £200,000 a week, Egyptians rushed to Google to start converting currency from British pound to the Egyptian pound.

According to Google Trends, search for “جنيه استرليني”, the Arabic word for Pound Sterling, registered a dramatic increase as the word became most searched in few minutes following the news announcement. The highest search rate was registered in the period between 10AM and 12PM on July 2.

In fact, this trend could only be attributed to the poverty and harsh living conditions lived by Egyptians, especially after the government devalued its currency by a third in November 2016.

In other words, £200,000 per week worth more than 4 million Egyptian pound, and Salah’s monthly salary will reach up to 15 million EP. The highest salary in Egypt reaches about 2 million annually, which is double earned by Salah per week!

Apparently, the trend gathered momentum with social media users jumping on the topic trying to count the total amount that Salah will earn.

Translation: “Social media users said that Mo Salah salary will be 7.76 EP per second, which means 456 P per minute, 27,952 per hour, 670,851 per day, 4,695,060 per week, 18,776,000 per month and 225,312,000 per year.”

Other users prayed for Salah to be protected from the evil eye.

Translation: “May God protect you, our son from the evil eye.”

Sameh suggested that Salah might need to borrow money from his friends until their salaries are released by the end of the month, mocking the current situation lived by most Egyptians nowadays.

Translation: “He is going to call his friend to lend him some money until the month is over and their salaries are released.”

Manar, counted how much Salah will earn per week in the Egyptian pound and explained her point of view.

Translation: “Google confirmed that Pound Sterling=23.5 EP, which means 4700000 EP per week. This is not too much, we have corrupt officials in office and they earn more, I mean they steal more.”

Other users took the topic seriously, reminding each other of what Salah have done and still doing for his people, starting from repairing his village to helping young people getting married.

Translation: “People who are counting how much money Salah will earn per week and who has Google reporting that the pound was the most searched word in Egypt. I swear to God that not all of this money belongs to him. He sends money for poor people and for the brides he is trying to help to get married and for all the good he is doing.”

Earlier media reports emerged on Salah’s generosity in donating large amounts of money for the people of his village back in Cairo to improve their lives. It was also reported that he is working to build a hospital and school in his poor village, Nagrig.

Mo Salah, or as referred to as the Egyptian King, has become one of Liverpool's highest earners after the last season in which he scored 44 goals in all competitions and was named as both the PFA Players’ Player of the Year and the Football Writers’ Association Footballer of the Year in season 2017-18.

Liverpool dismissed rumors that Salah is going to leave the club by announcing the renewal of his contract for five more years saying he “has committed his future to the Reds by putting pen to paper on the deal.”

Following the announcement, Salah recorded a video for his fans confirming the news promising for better seasons to come with Liverpool.

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