Graveyard of dead Daesh militants-many of them foreign-pops up in Fallujah

Published September 5th, 2016 - 11:56 GMT
The Iraqi army took Fallujah from Daesh in June (AFP/File)
The Iraqi army took Fallujah from Daesh in June (AFP/File)

Daesh was booted out of Fallujah by the Iraqi army and the Popular Mobilization Units in June. Their presence in the city is not a distant memory, however. On Sunday, images of a graveyard of dead Daesh militants in the city appeared on Arabic-language news sites and Twitter.

The graveyard, which was discovered by the Iraqi army, includes tombstone after tombstone, inscribed with names. The tops of many of them read “martyr.” They are noteworthy in part because they appear to be the graves of several foreign fighters. According to an Arabic-language report in AFP, an Iraqi general claimed most of the graves are of Arab and foreign fighters.

For example, upon closer inspection, one of the pics reads “the tounsi” as the last name, meaning “the Tunisian.” It’s common for Daesh militants to take nicknames when they join the group, sometimes to reflect their country of origin.

Up to 27,000 foreigners have joined the group, including over 6,000 Tunisians-the most of any country aside from Iraq and Syria.

The Iraqi army is now focused on retaking Mosul from Daesh, which is the militant group’s largest city.



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