Heartwarming Christmas BBC Advert Depicts Realistic Struggle of Working Mothers

Published December 5th, 2018 - 10:59 GMT

By Randa Darwish

As BBC released their Christmas advert of 2018 on Saturday, it evoked a wave of praise and admiration on social media.

The heartwarming advert “wonderland” highlights the core meaning of Christmas that is believed to be sometimes forgotten amid the busy lives of people, which is about spending more time with the people who you love.

The advert particularly raises the issue of working mothers struggle to find time to spend with their beloved families and children.

As it starts with the mother leaving house for work in the morning, her son is trying to have a conversation with her. Later, he sends her text message asking if they are still going to spend time together in the evening as she promised earlier, the mother says she is not sure whether she will be able to it, while she had apparently forgotten all about it.

The day goes on while the son is trying to make out the best of his day at the beach and playing in the arcade, in the same moment when the mother can be seen at work with her computer malfunctioning.

For a moment, the mother and the son in the two different places look around to find out that everything has become frozen.

As the advert ends, both the mother and her son find everything around them unfroze suddenly, when they realize that Christmas is a time to be spent together.

The heartwarming video has been received by massive positive reactions on social media.

BBC was also praised to their choice to depict a realistic image for the struggles being faced by British families to spend more time together, even in Christmas.

On the other hand, many had another opinion about it.

As the advert focuses only on working mothers issues in trying to find time to spend with families and children, some suggested that no one anymore talks about working fathers struggles to find time for family.

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