Iranians Remember Iran Before the Islamic Revolution

Published February 12th, 2019 - 02:44 GMT
Before and after (Twitter/@Tavaana)
Before and after (Twitter/@Tavaana)

Iranians have been marking the 40th anniversary of the 1979 Revolution that brought the Islamic government.

On one hand, several protests took part in Tehran on Monday to commemorate the revolution’s anniversary and to “renew allegiance” to the country’s government and its principles, as reported by several media outlets inside and outside Iran.

It is also a celebration of overthrowing the US-backed monarch of Iran, Mohammad Reza Shah who was replaced then by Grand Ayatollah Khomeini, a leader of one of the factions in the revolt.

Photos and videos from the protests were shared widely on social media.

The revolution that was backed by various movements in the Iranian society; including leftists, Islamists and the young generation at that time, did not take too long before turning to into a movement of repression.

Many Iranians, who are currently struggling for a decent living conditions, have had another take on the revolution’s anniversary.

Iran has been living under worsening economic conditions due to US sanctions. This has led to a troubled economy, a rise in the prices and a fall in the value of the Iranian rial, in addition to crackdown on freedoms through arrests of activists who demand reforms in the human rights situation, and womens rights in particular.

All of this has found a wide-base of Iranian opposition and activists fighting against the current ruling regime and their Islamic laws.

Several activists went onto social media to share photos and videos comparing the Iran of today, to the Iran of 40 years ago - before the Islamic Revolution.

Some also highlighted the hardships lived by Iranians during 2018 in particular, as the country’s economy was hit by US sanctions that affected Iranians and their financial situation.

Some activists have also rathered sharing footage to highlight the Iranian current oppressive system laws regarding homosexuals and LGBT+ rights.

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