Iraqi MP Joins New Year Celebration and Start Firing Live Ammunition in the Skies

Published January 2nd, 2019 - 08:40 GMT

Iraqis circulate video of Iraqi parliamentary member Wehda Al Jumaili shooting in-the-air gunfire celebrating the New Year.

This sparked wide controversy among social media users who demanded that the authorities take serious action against Al Jumaili who appeared in the video, Monday night, shooting gunfire happily in-the-air.

Translation: “This a member of Parliament! Please Mr. Interior Minister, arrest Wehda Al Jumaili for firing gunfire in-the-air in a violation of the law and risking the lives of people.”

This has also come at a time when official reports confirmed the death of one person and 77 injured by celebratory gunfire in Iraq during New Year celebrations which sparked anger and condemnation among Iraqis demanding serious actions be taken against this widespread tradition.

Meanwhile, debate on celebratory gunfire in Iraq have loong been launched.

While the government have been trying to impose laws and sanctions against such firearms, it has been hard to prevent tribes from ending this tradition especially during celebrations and funerals.

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