May Scaff Dead in Paris: Did the Syrian Regime Kill This Iconic Personality?

Published July 24th, 2018 - 01:53 GMT
May Scaff, (1969-2018) was announced dead on Monday in her house in exile. She is suspected of being assassinated by the Assad regime due to her activism in the Syrian Revolution 2011. (Twitter)
May Scaff, (1969-2018) was announced dead on Monday in her house in exile. She is suspected of being assassinated by the Assad regime due to her activism in the Syrian Revolution 2011. (Twitter)

By Randa Darwish

Called: “The Icon of the Revolution”, Syrian actress May scaff, 49, was confirmed dead on Monday by her friends and family in her house-in-exile in Paris.

May was known for being the first artist to speak loudly in support of the Syrian revolution that started in 2011 against the Syrian regime of Bashar Al Assad. She was also arrested several times for participating in anti-Assad protests in Syria before leaving to Jordan and then to Paris.

May’s last post on Facebook was posted a week before her death on July 21, 2018. It read: "I will not lose hope, never lose hope. It is the Great Syria, not Assad's Syria,” referring to the latest news on Assad winning the Syrian war after his forces gained control over rebel-held areas of southern Syrian.

With media reports suggesting the cause of death was attributed to a heart-attack, her relatives strongly believe she was killed by Assad loyalists.

Dima Wannous, May’s cousin and a writer posted on her Facebook profile directly after May’s death news was announced:

Translation: “To my friends, I apologize for not answering your calls and messages. My family and I have been in a very difficult situation.. Yes, May died and we all lost her with many other heartbreaking losses.. Patience for us and you, and I will never forgive who is behind her killing. May left us in very ambiguous circumstances and we are waiting for the investigation results.”

In fact, the news of May’s death came following information regarding the killing of two young Syrians under torture in Assad forces' prisons, which helped in boosting the possibility that May was assassinated as well by Baath regime forces.

Translation: “May Scaff, Yahia Shurbaji, Ma’en Shurbaji… They all died together.. Maybe because they all refused to live this ugly moment of Syrian history.”

Many other posts were shared among Syrians, raising doubts over the conditions surrounding May's death to the fact that she was still young at 49 years old and did not seem to be suffering from any life-threatening diseases.

May’s death left all her fans and supporters around the world in shock and grief. Her name began trending in the Arab world few hours after her death. Assad Taha, an Egyptian journalist and writer tweeted:

Translation: “We might not lose hope as well like she did. “I won’t lose hope. I won’t lose hope. It is Great Syria, not Assad's Syria,”.”

The Kuwaiti well-known female poet and critic Saadiah Mufarreh, also remembers May and her rebellious spirit in a tweet.

Translation: “May Scaff left today in exile but her free spirit will always be attached to the Great Syria, as she used to call it, always. Goodbye to her; she helped us restore hope in artists at a time when most of them went for the power crumbs.”

Quoting May’s latest post on FB, Wael Tamimi‏, wrote: “This is the latest post written by May Scaff as if she was reading her will and testment before leaving in her Paris exile. This is too much pain for Syrians.”

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