Pancakes or Qatayef? US Embassy officials speak to people to find out IN ARABIC

Published July 1st, 2016 - 04:17 GMT
A plate of qatayef (YouTube)
A plate of qatayef (YouTube)

A common debate in the US is whether one prefers pancakes or crepes. But what about pancakes vs qatayef-the popular circular bread treat popular in the Arab world? The US Embassy in Jordan asked Americans in Amman which they prefer in a popular Facebook video Wednesday.

An Arabic-speaking American embassy employee presented the video, speaking to a Jordanian woman taught a group of Americans how to make the delicious Arab pastry, Americans trying and making it for the first time, and other embassy officials.

Perhaps most surprisingly, some of the Americans claimed to prefer qatayef over pancakes, which is a staple of the traditional American breakfast. These Americans living abroad are not the only ones to go native, as several of the American embassy staff in the video spoke proficient Arabic.

The video has 67,000 views thus far, and is available on the embassy’s Facebook page.


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