Saad Hariri poster found at Tel Aviv airport

Published July 25th, 2016 - 11:39 GMT
The poster of Saad Hariri at Tel Aviv's Ben Gurior Airport (AFP/File)
The poster of Saad Hariri at Tel Aviv's Ben Gurior Airport (AFP/File)

On Thursday, a large poster of former Lebanese president Saad Hariri appeared at Israel’s Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv, Al-Masdar and other Arabic-language outlets report.

The rather large picture of the famed politician in a suit, waving before a Lebanese flag surely raised a few eyebrows, as Lebanon and Israel do not maintain diplomatic relations, and are technically still in a state of war.

According to the article, passengers informed airport officials of the poster. One was quoted as saying that the poster arrived to Ben Gurion “by mistake,” and was “destined for another airport.”

However, it later came out that the poster arrived in Israel over a year and a half ago as a movie prop.

Many Lebanese reacted with dismay to the news.

What is Saad Hariri doing at Ben Gurion airport in occupied Palestine???

Israel and Lebanon have never maintained normal diplomatic relations since Israel’s independence in 1948.


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