When will 'Trashtag Challenge' Arrive in Beirut, Cairo, Mosul and Amman?

Published March 12th, 2019 - 02:26 GMT

A new challenge has been taking the internet by storm, with people wishing it would last forever and would get more people from around the world taking part in it.

The trend began when Byron Román went to Facebook and posted two photos of a man before and after cleaning up a littered area. In his post, Roman said this is a challenge to all “bored teens” to take a photo of an area that needs cleaning and another photo after cleaning it.

The post went viral and was shared more than 300K times when more people, not only “bored teens” started going out to clean and maintain areas that need it.

In a few days, the #Trashtag was viral on Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter where people went to compete for going outdoor spaces taking photos of places they cleaned up.

Shortly after, the challenge was trending worldwide.

Volunteers were going to beaches, parks, and roads to clean while in fact, the initiative also raises awareness about the importance of keeping public places clean.

Photos from Nepal, Spain, India, Mexico, and other places were shared on social media platforms.

Meanwhile in the Middle East, the hashtag was translated into #تحدي_انقاذ_البيئة [Save environment challenge] but the challenge found poor engagement.

One photo went viral on Reddit from Bahrain for a team who volunteered to clean up one of the local beaches.

Hoping to get this uplifting hashtag more viral in the Middle East, here are our suggestions for a Middle Eastern cities that certainly need people taking part of #Trashtag to clean up spaces and raise awareness about the issue:

1. Beirut, Lebanon

2. Cairo, Egypt

3. Mosul, Iraq

4. Amman, Jordan

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