'A trip to the farm': Egypt canceled these school lessons to combat extremism

Published June 7th, 2015 - 10:18 GMT
Egypt is trying to combat extremism early, in its younger generations, through education. (AFP/File)
Egypt is trying to combat extremism early, in its younger generations, through education. (AFP/File)

The Middle East has used a lot of muscle to try to fight its insurgents. But now countries are starting to question how radical “Islam" is formed at an early age — in schools.

Egypt is making an attempt to counter extremism through education reform. But you wouldn’t have guessed that if you had just taken a look at the lessons they canceled; in fact it sounds a little more like a war on animals.

In March the government created the Curriculum Development Committee to review education materials and remove textbooks or lessons that incite violence, Al-Monitor reported.

“The main goal was to shift the educational curriculum's focus on the values of tolerance in Islam and Christianity, calling for love and rejecting violence and extremism,” Education Ministry spokeswoman Nivine Shehata told Al-Monitor.

The move is facing a lot of criticism. The country’s Salafist movement calls it a “war on Islam,” while other Western groups have said censorship is not the answer. Really though, it’s a little tough to see what’s being accomplished at all if you read the lessons getting canceled. Something's probably getting lost in translation, but it's still pretty funny.

First grade:

-A trip to the farm
-My granddad's cow
-Birds' revolution  

Third grade: 

-The end of the hawks 

Fourth grade: 

-The oddities of whales
-Hanaa's wish
-At the end of the weekend 

Fifth grade: 

-Salah Eddine al-Ayoubi (a.k.a. Saladin, first Sultan of Egypt who led the Muslim opposition against European Crusaders)
-Strength and resourcefulness 

Sixth grade: 

-The miracle has come true 

Tenth grade: 

-First unit Uqba bin Nafe chapters (led the Islamic conquest of the Maghreb)
     "Military Genius"
     "The Horse’s Water"     
     “Uqba’s Return to Leadership"
     "Red Letter Day"
     "Uqba on the Atlantic Beach”

11th grade: 

-Unit Four 

12th grade: 

-Unit Three 

13th grade:

-The mask has come off
-The people’s issue (i.e., “the matter at hand”) 

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