Tweet like a liberal! Saudis take to twitter to mock the Kingdom's liberals

Tweet like a liberal! Saudis take to twitter to mock the Kingdom's liberals
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Published June 12th, 2016 - 16:32 GMT

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A mosque in Saudi Arabia
A mosque in Saudi Arabia

In the Saudi twitterverse, the hashtag #غرد_كانك_ليبرالي (#Tweet_like_a_liberal) has made waves over the past 24 hrs as conservative Saudis have taken aim at the positions of their liberal counterparts on everything from women driving cars to eating pork. While the Kingdom's trends can often border on the offensive, surprising, or downright bizarre, tweeting "like a liberal" left few stones unturned as far as Saudi society is concerned.

Some, for example, some saw liberalism as a sectarian issue: 

"The poor Shia are oppressed and weak
The Sunnah are dogs and the leaders of Daesh"


 Many questioned liberals' interpretation of the hijab as optional:


"Women most be freed
The hijab is not necessary

And he’s a mufti whose wife wears gloves and an Abaya all the way to her head from the Shurrab family." 

"The hijab takes a way a woman’s freedom, and its her right and our right to see her without it.

 Don’t even bother with the silliness of religion!"

 Saudi Arabia is notorious for its harsh theocratic regime, and it makes sense that the more liberal aspects of its society might take aim at this close relationship between the state and religion. Many tweeted about sectarianism:

"Secularism is the solution" 

[Picture: you won’t realize the value of secularism until they point a rifle at your head and ask you the famous question: Sunni or Shia?”]

And some, of course, dived into the realm of conspiracy:

"The liberal and the shia are the same thing, the shia are donkeys led by Iran and the liberals are pigs led by America."

Speaking of pigs, some people figured liberals are a fan of pork, alchohol, and.... swimming?



"There are no health risks from eating pork, it’s close to chicken and healthier!"



"Alcohol isn’t forbidden!

No problem if your wife swims with your friends!

The building of temples to worship cows is civilized

The tarweeh (specila prayer during Ramadan prayer is just a fad!"

Interestingly, some people saw the recent rioting in France over soccer matches as an opportunity to mock liberals who look up to the West.


"The school curriculum and seminars for memorizing the Quran, as well as the fact that they don’t listen to music is the cause of all this rioting. "

Saudi Arabia's antics and human rights record regularly bring it into the international spotlight, and internal debate among its citizens regularly ignites around the issues of gender mixing and woman's right to drive, among other things. Recently, the Kingdom announced its "Vision 2030" program, which aims to reform and develop the country over the next decade and a half.

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