#TweetYourThobe: Rashida Tlaib Sworn in U.S Congress Wearing Palestinian Thob

Published January 3rd, 2019 - 12:05 GMT
(AlBawaba/Rami Khoury)
(AlBawaba/Rami Khoury)

By Randa Darwish

* Update January 6, 2018: Rashida Tlaib tweeted  that she used her own version of Quran to swear in on, not the English translated copy of the Quran that was obtained by Thomas Jefferson as early reported.

While new members of the U.S. Congress are being sworn into office, Thursday, Palestinian social media users have already launched the #TweetYourThobe hashtag in support of Rashida Tlaib.

The hashtag was first launched by Palestinian American activists in a step to express support for Talib, who early this month announced she will be wearing a thobe, traditional Palestinian red and black hand-embroidered dress when she is sworn in into Congress on Thursday in Washington D.C.

Tlaib has been one of the Congresswomen who made history in last November, 2018 as the first Palestinian-American and one of two Muslim women elected in the U.S. Congress.

Social media users went to the hashtag to share photos of their thobes alongside Tlaib to express support and pride across social media.

And the trend gathered momentum…

Some may have seen Talib’s decision to wear the thobe as “rude and hateful” way to express oneself, instead of being part of American society she is choosing to show her traditional attire.

Other Americans praised the move.

Talib’s decision was sees as a plus by many as a way to express the strength of variety and differences of cultures that shape American society and make it rich.

She was also supported by non-Palestinians.

Debates also included Talib’s remarks that she is going to take her oath on an English translated copy of the Muslim’s holy book, Quran, by George Suss in 1734, a copy obtained by Thomas Jefferson, 3rd president of the United States.

Talib will not be the first to take her oath on this book. In 2006, Minnesota Democrat Keith Ellison caused widespread controversy when he did it too.

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