United Nations manager: 'I forget whether I supported the Iraq War'

Published May 9th, 2016 - 05:33 GMT
Iraqi forces near Falluja. (photo: AFP)
Iraqi forces near Falluja. (photo: AFP)

A senior manager at the United Nations in New York announced on Twitter that he cannot recall whether he supported the 2003 US invasion of Iraq or not.  

"Serious question: Does everyone remember if they were for or against the Iraq war in 2003 AT THE TIME. I honestly don’t," posted John Aravosis, 52, a manager of the United Nations's Online and Digital Team, on Monday.  

Aravosis's Twitter followers immediately pounced. 

"You were for it. If you were sentient & against it, you'd never forget," wrote one

"Not to be rude, but, serious question: are you in the wrong business?" wrote another, which apparently angered Aravosis. 

"You might want to learn who you’re taking to before tying to pull rank on them :-)," Aravosis snarkily replied, prompting another user to shoot back, "If noticing your ineptitude is pulling rank we are all fucking admirals." 

The war in Iraq is widely credited with pushing the majority-Muslim nation into over a decade of chaos and bloodshed. Hundreds of thousands have perished in the violence, while fanatic militant groups like Daesh have taken advantage of the vacuum of power to commit historic atrocities.   

In addition to his work at the United Nations, Aravosis is a TV pundit, journalist, blogger and consultant. He's perhaps best known for being a founder and Executive Editor of AmericaBLOG, a progressive US-based news site that championed the gay rights cause. 

Aravosis has also worked for the World Bank and in the US Senate, according to his LinkedIn profile. 


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