Video: Algerian Social Media Erupts as Man Slaps African Child

Published July 12th, 2018 - 01:56 GMT
An Algerian man appears in a video while abusing an African migrant child in Annaba, Algeria. (Screenshot/Youtube)
An Algerian man appears in a video while abusing an African migrant child in Annaba, Algeria. (Screenshot/Youtube)

Algerian social media exploded in anger on Wednesday after a video shows a man slapping an African migrant child in one of bus stops, at the northeastern city of Annaba went viral.

The video that was shared hundreds of times shows a man abusing a vulnerable African child, who is not older than 10 years old, while begging or asking for something. It did not stop there, the person who is recording the video can be heard laughing on the child and mocking him while he was crying.

The 35-second video raised anger and controversy among Algerians who went to demand authorities to investigate and take a serious action against the men appearing in the video.

In response, Annaba authorities confirmed opening an investigation in the “video in which a migrant child who appeared to be from one of the African Coast Countries being exposed to violent abuse while begging”.

According to the statement, anyone who might face physical or mental harm, regardless of his race or nationality, might be subject to strict liability in accordance to the Algerian law.

On social media, the video has been trending.

Translation: “This is a one person behaviour, cannot be generalized on all Algerians.”

Some users went on to excuse the man for using violence with the child.

Translation: “There must be a reason for slapping him, you won’t know it. Maybe the child did something wrong like hitting this man’s son or maybe stealing his money, etc… Children migrants come to the country with nothing [parents or money] and that is why they do wrong behaviours that might upset the original inhabitants. Everyone is showing sympathy with the child but if anyone got harmed by him as this man, they will do the same.”

Translation: “It is dishonor that this man is Algerian. Animal.”

Others defended Algerians, refusing to label all Algerians as the man who appears in the video.

Translation: “Algerians are the most hospitable people for African migrants. Apparently, this man is under stress, and if this was not the case, he is human being! Please Arabs, be easy on each other.”

During the last few years, the rise in number of African migrants in Algeria has been a controversial subject, with many Algerians opposing it and claiming their country has enough troubles and economic challenges, while others while others are welcoming migrants.

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