Saudi Woman Goes Shopping Without Her Abaya Challenging Mandatory Dress Code

Published March 7th, 2019 - 09:44 GMT

A video of a Saudi woman protesting the mandatory women dress code that requires them to wear abayas in public.

The video was first posted by the woman herself on Twitter saying that she went shopping in Saudi Arabia without wearing the abaya. She added she is doing it as a challenge since Lebanese prominent pop singer Najwa Karam was seen earlier last year in Saudi Arabia shopping in the mall also without wearing the black over garment.

Translation: “I went shopping in Saudi Arabia without an abaya, if Najwa Karam and foreigners can do it, then why I can’t do it.”

The video has gone viral among Saudis splitting opinion between supporters and critics who accused her of trying to attract attention with no actual aim behind it.

This woman is not the first to challenge the law.

Earlier in November 2018, a group of Saudi women have launched a new online campaign against the mandatory 'abaya' dress code, enforced by the kingdom's authorities, by sharing pictures of themselves wearing the loose-fitting black robes inside out.

Most women in Saudi Arabia must adhere to a dress code in public and at work, which requires them to wear the loose black garment known as an abaya, while many also wear a face veil (niqab) or a headscarf. Saudi private sector workers usually have more lenient restrictions on the clothes they can wear at work.

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