Which Social Behaviours Saudis Want to Change and Why?

Published March 10th, 2019 - 02:18 GMT

Honor killing, misuse of technology in social gatherings, traditional marriage and many others are current social phenomena existing in Saudi society. They have been changing but many still want them to change further.

As social behaviors evolve every other once in a while and depending on society and other external factors, it is believed many of these are evolving to the good but still others continue to be in their worst with the young generations trying to improve.

As a result, Saudis went to Twitter on hashtag #ظاهِرة_اجتِماعية_تَرغب_بِزوالها [Social phenomena you want to get rid of] to talk about the phenomenons they want to change or get rid of. People from other Arab countries joined the hashtag later on.

Some phenomenons like racism and bullying were agreed on by most users.

Meanwhile, other users mentioned disturbing social patterns they have been noticing in Saudi society and they want to change.

Translation: “I wish from the bottom of my heart to end bragging and exaggeration in catering banquets and social occasions such as weddings, it is haraam that most food ends up in the garbage while there are people who struggle to find a crumb.”

Translation: “The phenomena of disrespecting social gatherings where you see everyone playing on their phone as if they are not sitting together.”

Translation: “The phenomenon of expensive dowry and high costs of marriage. Question: How much do you think does it cost a bride to get ready for the wedding without overvaluing? And how can we get rid of expensive dowries and marriage high cost which 70% of young men can’t afford? Let me know your opinion.”

Translation: “I wish marriage will be based on love and people who know each other. Not the one where they were getting married suddenly in one day and then they spend their lives regretting it.”

Translation: “[A phenomenon I want to get rid of is] Niqab and abaya. They are supposed to be personal freedoms.”

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