Turkey considering "security zone" inside the Syrian territory

Published August 11th, 2011 - 12:35 GMT

Observers said that the Turkish military intensified its preparations on the Syrian border, amid reports that fighters from the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) infiltrated into the Turkish territory to Gaziantep and Iskenderun region.

A Turkish newspaper said two Turkish brigades have taken their positions near the Syrian border in preparation for orders from the Turkish military leadership.

The newspaper said a security meeting was held between PM Erdogan, military leaders and senior security officials to study the possibility of establishing a security zone inside the Syrian territory in the face of any influx of new waves of refugees to Turkey.

The newspaper added that the meeting also discussed the future participation of Turkey in any possible military move against Syria.

For his part, the Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Ernic urged the international community to take action against Syria.

Erdogan was quoted as saying: "The Syrian issue is an internal Turkish affair and we can not stay silent on what is happening."



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